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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 16:47

Standard Advertising Terms & Conditions

All business is conducted and orders are only accepted subject to the standard terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) set out below. The “Publisher” refers to Mowbray Communications Ltd and the “Advertiser” refers to the party to whom the services are supplied, i.e. the advertiser and/or agency named on the relevant purchase order relating to any e-mail campaign conducted by Mowbray Communications Ltd or advertisements placed or to be placed in any publication or on any Internet site operated or represented by Mowbray Communications Ltd.

1. These conditions shall apply to all advertisements accepted for publication and shall supersede any previously published terms and conditions of business. Any other condition stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the Advertiser in its purchase order or negotiations shall be void unless incorporated clearly in written instructions and specifically accepted by the Publisher.

2. All advertisements are accepted subject to the Publisher’s approval of the copy and to the space being available.

3. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse, omit, amend or suspend an advertisement at any time without explanation in which case no claim on the part of the Advertiser for damages or for breach of contract shall arise. Should omission or suspension of an advertisement be due to the default of the Advertiser or his servants or agents then the space reserved shall be paid for in full notwithstanding that the advertisement has not appeared.

4. Orders should be accompanied by an official purchase order or written instructions signed by a duly authorised person. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to ensure that only authorised persons place orders. Verbal instructions and orders are only accepted on the understanding that the Publisher will not be responsible for mistakes arising there from. The Publisher cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions in advertisements that have not been supplied to our specifications outlined in the current Media Information Kit. The Publisher can not accept liability for any errors due to third parties or sub-contractors.

5. The Advertiser will ensure that the advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament and is in no way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice. The Advertiser will indemnify the Publisher fully in respect of any claim made against the Publisher arising from the advertisement.

6. Prices are as stated in the current Media Information Kit or as agreed at the time and date of the order, and are exclusive of VAT at the current rate, which shall be charged in addition where applicable and unless otherwise indicated. Advertisement rates are subject to revision at any time and orders are accepted on condition that the price binds the Publisher only in respect of the next issue to go to press. In the event of a rate increase the Advertiser will have the option to cancel the order without surcharge or continue the order at the revised cost.

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