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As long as you do not create a Substitute, you may do the following:

    * Publish online, the original MCL Global headline and a link to the article and the first 120 characters of an article (what we call teaser text);
    * Forward the original headlines, links and teaser text to other individuals;
    * You may download our RSS feeds and view them for your personal use. We currently publish headlines and teaser text within our RSS feeds. You may also make an RSS feed available to third parties, users within an organisation you work for or users of a website that you publish, on condition that you:

      • only publish the feed for access via a web‐based browser.
      • publish the feed as it is made available on MCL Global, so that you only include the headline and teaser content, and ensure that the headline links back to the full text article on MCL Global
      • attribute the feed to MCL Global as “© MCL Global [year]”.
      • do not archive the feed or any of its content.

Am I allowed to copy or summarise limited parts of MCL Global full text content?

As specified above you may not republish or redistribute full text articles labelled as Premium Content. You may however republish or redistribute “Summaries” of MCL Global member articles if you comply with the conditions set out below. “Summaries” can be either an “extract” or an “abstract”. By “extract” we mean 30 words copied verbatim from an MCL Global articles which are inserted into a longer original work. By “abstract” we mean a 30 word non‐verbatim summary of the news or facts reported in an MCL Global article which does not form part of a longer work.

These are the conditions you must comply with in order to produce summaries:

‐ you source MCL Global as the author of any article from which you have derived a summary by way of an attribution such as “[journalist name] at MCL Global reported that”, with a hypertext link from the word “MCL Global” to the original story published on MCL Global;

‐ in the case of abstracts, you make clear that the abstract has been produced by you by stating “this abstract from MCL Global was produced by [name]”, with a hypertext link from the word “MCL Global” to the original story published on MCL Global;

‐ you ensure that your summaries do not in whole or in part form a Substitute for MCL Global’s own products and services (see above for how we define Substitute). The more summaries you create the greater the risk of substitution. No individual or organisation may create, republish or redistribute more than two summaries in aggregate each day, each one sourced from a different MCL Global article that is published on the same day you create the summary;

‐ you do not use or create summaries that promote or endorse any product or service; and

‐ if MCL Global notifies you that it believes you are creating, republishing or redistributing summaries outside of these parameters, you shall immediately cease doing so and your rights to create summaries shall be regarded as having been withdrawn, unless/until MCL Global reaches an agreement with you regarding your use of MCL Global articles.